Nowadays, the only enjoyment I seem to get is from cooking.

I never thought I'd enjoy myself in the kitchen, but there's something delightful about the aroma of fresh herbs and onions, the slow simmering stew on the stove or the crackle of fried rice in my wok.

I hated cooking. It's a chore to me -- the chopping, blending and mixing just seemed too much hassle when I was younger. When I was living on my own, my fridge was normally stocked with chocolates and milk.

Now that I am jobless with only a few dollars to spare and a husband who works, I find myself in the kitchen everyday.

 I can't explain it. I never knew cooking is more science than art.

 It's a mental process where you are constantly thinking what goes with what or what more can you add. I feel like I'm solving a jigsaw puzzle where all the little pieces make a nice picture, or a nice dish.

Somehow, the pain and stress of job hunting and trying to make money just disappear when it's 5 o'clock and I'm due in the kitchen

I put on beautiful music and my soul is soothed, as I chop and blend and saute and cook.


It's September now, which means three quarters of the year have gone by.

I turned 30 this year. Although i didnt get up to much this year, there were a few enduring moments that stayed with me

  • Pancake snack with my family sans Daddy, on the day I got married

  • Walking hand in hand with my husband at the airport, right after we got married, to send my best friend home.

  • Dancing on the podium with my friends to Flo Rida "The Wild Ones" in Bali

  • Hiking down a cliff to a beautiful beach, an hour before my best friend got married at Alila Villas, Uluwatu. [Crazy shit I did there]

  • Road trip to my kampung with siblings Nizzie and Mia for Hari Raya

  • Movie nights with Dad and Mom, watching old film noirs, thrillers, dramas and comedies. Dad discovered torrent, and built a treasure trove of good ol' films. I will always remember 'Vertigo', 'To Kill a Mockingbird', 'Ben Hur' and 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' for this.

  • My husband calming my nerves to move abroad by saying, "We are family now."

 These are the things i value in life.

Today this made me happy

Mee goreng mamak

It's always the little things that make me smile. Today, it was the familiar fried mee from our local mamak (street food restaurant)

Sure hit the right spot while watching the olympics. Almost makes up for the snoring husband. Ah well....